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Exercise Based Therapy
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The traditional talk-therapy model of counselling doesn’t work for everyone.


We believe every young person should be able to access the type of counselling and support that works for them.

That’s why we’re providing an alternative model, for young people who are looking for a more informal, active and physical form of therapy.

By bringing together proven theraputic models and the simple act of exercise, we’ve developed a new approach to therapy, which we’ve dubbed Exercise Based Therapy.

Put simply, we use proven therapeutic tools in an exercise environment.


There are a few really good reasons we’re bringing exercise into therapy…

Exercise has been widely proven to be good for mental health! It brings people into the present, grounds them in their own body, and it causes positive chemical reactions in the brain.

A lot of tools used in therapy, like breathwork and body awareness, already happen in an exercise environment. Exercise provides a direct path to building up a skillset for managing big feelings like anxiety, fear or depression.

Exercise Based Therapy provides a safe and fun space to practice and develop skills around goal setting, overcoming failure, and building resilience and persistance.

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We provide a range of services in Exercise Based Therapy, including one-on-one support, group and community work, and facilitator training.

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