About Fit N Well

Fit N well is a counselling service that supports young people aged 14 to 25 who are facing mental health challenges. Fit N Well uses a unique and world-first approach, utilizing physical exercises as a therapeutic technique in a gym-based setting. Clients who access Fit N Well are able to explore personal and mental health challenges that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. The environment at Fit N Well is aimed at supporting young people who may not fit in to traditional talk based therapies and are seeking a more active and physical form of therapy to explore their world and the challenges they face.

Anthony Simons


Anthony is our main practitioner, owner of Fit N Well and Founder of Exercise Based Therapy. Before starting Fit N Well, he was a high-level pole vaulter, winning several underage national titles. Anthony also started coaching pole vault with many of his athletes competing at and winning national medals. Anthony completed his Strength and Conditioning accreditation in 2019. He is also a qualified Social Worker who has worked in education settings since 2011. Anthony has a deep passion for working with young people and enjoys the dynamic and stories they share as well as their perspectives on the world around them. 

Anthony Started Fit N Well with one mission and focus.

To ensure every young person has access to a service that works for them”

Through his work within the education sector, he observed that not all people fit in to traditional talk-based therapies. Fit N Well has been opened to support people who may struggle to find their words and feel more comfortable being active and moving in their sessions. 

How To Access Fit N Well

Fit N Well offers our service to private and Plan or Self-Managed NDIS clients. We pride ourselves in taking the time to talk to potential clients and build a service around each person. We want to respect each client’s story and ensure we have a strong understanding of their background and how we can support them. 

Any person can make at referral to Fit N Well. To do this, you can contact us via Facebook, phone or email.